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Just the last couple of days I'm making phone calls and signing feckless petitions in advance of discovering more effective things to do. I'm also being a broken record in the public spaces where I am--twitter and facebook (I hate facebook but it's a public space).

Phone calls I've made: Two to Paul Ryan's office--once to leave a message about the ACA, once to take part in his stupid poll (there's a long recording you have to listen to about how terrible the ACA is and how the brave Congress is determined to gut it, and now what do you think?); one to the House Oversight Committee about the election. Feckless petitions: one to the electors not to confirm Trump, one to UCSC to be a sanctuary for immigrants.

More calls: to Lindsay Graham to investigate Trump: to my reps to be strong (they've all registered some opposition so far & only need to know we support them). And? I forget, I need to make a big list in addition to searching the internet every day.

Personhead Nick Mamatas([livejournal.com profile] nihilistic_kid) suggested getting #Scatocracy to trend. It's silly but it's cool, so I'm taking him up on it, more than he seems to be doing. Also being a broken record about the crimes of Trump and the whole damned GOP. That's what they did about the non-crimes of Democrats for the last generation, and they got it to stick. Of course they had the collusion of the media, which I do not. But there's no noise without noise. Remember how Jonathan Edwards, a progressive Southerner, was ruined over having a friends-with-benefits affair while his wife was in the hospital? Never mind that he kept visiting her and taking care of her, being loyal in the ways that matter. Meanwhile! Trump gets away with serial rape and people just stop talking about it. Also: theft! fraud! Stiffing employees and contractors! Death threats! Treason!

"When they go low, we go high," isn't even wrong, it's irrelevant. Hammering them on real crimes is not going low, it's insisting on truth. It's also a wedge towards talking about the real crimes of capitalism. Trump steals from his employees and it gets glossed over? That's because that's what bosses do. And so on.

I know, everything I'm doing is spontaneous, unfocused, feckless. But it's what I can think of to do at the moment. I remember Nelson Peery saying "If all you can think of to do is to make mistakes, make mistakes," and I don't think these are mistakes.

I have to do other things. But later in the day I'll make a big list of the numbers and share them. Meanwhile, other people are sharing them.
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