Jan. 27th, 2008

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Another cool periodic table to add to your collection. Or rather, mayakda's collection. (via Drawn!)

And we're finally migrating to the Frankenstein computer. It's mostly a computer that was Emma's, with parts that were added from Frank's old computer, and some new parts that he added later. And now it has another new part: an external hard drive enclosure, so I can add "master ninj," the data drive from the grownup's computer, without figuring out which of three hard drives to toss. Also we're using our monitor and speakers, because our monitor is a new modern flat type and thus much cooler and Frank's speaker system has six annoying components to it: one larger and five tiny ones, and honestly, that's too sexy for me. Not to mention the lack of suitable spots to put all those fussy little things and their hopelessly tangled wires. Picture, if you will, five speakers balanced on the edges of the universal power supply, and every time I get one of them settled two of them fall off. I did that for maybe three whole minutes before I unplugged the lot of them and stuck them in a box.

I hear sirens. The rain let up for a while, but it was pretty hard for a while too. There are paths at Lighthouse Field we just won't be taking for a while. And the vernal puddles are much bigger than usual. The dogs like this.

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