Feb. 15th, 2008

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I'm on my way to physical therapy, and I have to change lanes. I look over there, and there's a motorcyclist too close to my window so I wait for a bit and let him get ahead of me. No near collision.

This is remarkable because a year ago it would have been a near thing, because I did not have enough range of motion in my neck to turn far enough to be sure of what's over there. I was considering quitting driving. But fortunately I had the wits to get a driving lesson first and learn that it was not my attentiveness that was lacking, but my neck muscles.

Yay Eichi (my physical therapist)!

To-day, he tells me I can get the dexterity back in my hands if I do sensitivity training on my fingertips. One of the exercises is to attempt to feel a hair through thicker and thicker piles of thin paper. Ten pages of dictionary paper, he says, is my goal.
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Go here. (North Americans only: it's aimed at USians but Canadians and Mexicans should also be able to participate rather easily). Now, find a plant that's not in bloom, preferably one that hasn't leafed out (good luck on either of those, in my area, in the second half of February: we're definitely in Early High Spring over here). Preferably one on their list but pick anything. Watch that plant. Every day! As soon as it starts doing something, send your data to the phenology folks.

I figure the iris douglasiana hybrids in my back yard and the buckeyes down the street are good marks.

The almond tree is about a third of the way into full bloom, and the double flowering purple plum trees at work are completely into full bloom and when exactly did that happen? Nothing last week, then this amazing pink display this week. And a blast of plum blossom scent when you walk by. Oh my, oh my, oh my dog. How much I love that plum blossom scent.

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