Feb. 23rd, 2008

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The deck is paved in almond blossom petals.
It's raining all over the apricot blossoms.
There are double plum blossoms, bright pink, at work, and single wild plum blossoms, white, blooming all over the crazy hedge person's fence on Chestnut Street (locals: you're at Chestnut and Laural, on Chestnut, across from 7-11, and walking towards downtown. The next place beyond the faux-Victorian three-townhouse deal is the crazy hedge person's place. There's a tall fence made of every kind of scavenged fencing and some things which are not even fencing, with all kinds of plant life growing over the top, through the boards, and up from the sidewalk. Salient among these are the wild plums which are blooming now, and some curly aloes, and what I think are baby avocadoes. And, of course, acacia).
The flowering quince has largely recovered from her ravaging: that is, it's blooming all over again, but its branches are still ugly and if it ever stops raining long enough for me to notice I will have to trim it severely.

And Sim City keeps crashing just when I get the city going good.
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The stupidhead program is on the tiny Windows drive and keeps trying to save its files there and there is no room.

I thought I told it to install on the spacious other drives when I started.

. . .

No, it's not.


There goes that explanation.

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