Apr. 5th, 2008


Apr. 5th, 2008 10:42 pm
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One of the more embarrassing things about our "library" is the state of the nice fellow's comic books. They have been languishing on high shelves, just in stacks, getting covered in dust. I gave for years and especially the last several months been trying to come up with a way of protecting them and making them accessible that we could afford (if you stacked them in one pile that pile would be close to seven meters tall). I believe I have found it. Ikea to the rescue! They have in their children's odds and ends storage department a box which is 32 X 24 X 15 cm tall. I think I can do this for forty-four of those boxes, which is $88 plus tax, which is about a third of the other solutions I have come up with. It will probably be more because of the sorting aspect: I will not be able to divide them into rational groups of exactly 15 cm all the time. Anyway, Emma did an Ikea raid today with her Jason and his mom, and brought me back a two-pack of the boxes, and I've tried them -- I put a bunch of Fantastic Fours in one and a bunch of Mighty Thors in the other, because they were the first ones I found a lot of, but it turned out they weren't necessarily the ones with the biggest series in the house. It totally works. I'll worry about acid content a little later. I think I will find some inexpensive low-acid paper and just line the boxes. I turned them inside out because I thought the little mice riding pencils and things were a bit too distracting. I considered experimenting with spray paint but I decided that was too much effort.

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