Apr. 17th, 2008

It's Emily

Apr. 17th, 2008 08:41 am
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My favorite archaeologist says Bill Monning is "the kind of liberal who sends their kids to private schools."

That's not much to go on, but there are a few other small things. Emily Reilly does in fact have experience in government and is I think more likely to know how to go about getting things done. Bill Monning has not proved himself electable at all in his own backyard, which is scary, since his own backyard is the not-reliably Democrat end of the district. I don't see Bill Monning glad-handing at the places where the progressive Democratic constituency is nurtured (but I don't see the labor events at the southern end of the district). Before you get the idea that I'm all out and about all the time and that, by "see" I mean "hear about" and "read about" as well as "see with my own eyes."

Those things are political. I got tired a long time ago of voting for people to make a statement: I want to vote for people who will win, as in get into office, do the job, and stay there as long as the law allows, while they stand up to the right, and stick out the fight (rhymin unavoidable, sorry), and actually get something done towards saving the goddamned world.

On another front, snapshot training day is the same day -- and the same time -- as the native plant society/friends of the arboretum plant sale which I desperately need to go to. I can handle it if I go to the plant sale early and the training late.

Other than that, the dog is better, the vet doesn't care that she's shedding tremendously and changing color (from black to tipped white and black with enough tan to make her look like a German shepherd), and for future reference, low-dose enteric aspirin for pain (2 maximum a day) and the nice fellow doesn't remember what she told him about a brace for her gimpy leg (one of the bones didn't develop).

Now I have to go to work, no time to call Frank in Prague: tomorrow's their birthday! Twenty-nine and twenty-one! How can this be? I'm only twenty-six!

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