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Or millimetering?

Anyway, I just finished the second to the last chapter in Afterwar. I have 90,175 words. The last chapter is a short one. It's the referendum, and I may decide, based on how the chapter I just wrote came out, that the referendum chapter is de trop (which would mean that I have a draft right now, especially considering the last line of this chapter, which is pretty purple and I think I mean that in a good way). Not long ago I was worried that the book wasn't going to break 80K. It turned out I had munged the master document and a long chapter wasn't in the master, which meant that it didn't get counted. Since I rarely open the master and go into the chapters from there, I just didn't notice until I was doing some revision task.

I've been preparing a glossary. I think the words are well scaffolded within the text, but I know that some readers like glossaries, so I've been making them whenever I do any worldbuilding.

Lately I've been noticing a whole lot of different ranunculus relatives and I wish I knew their names.

It looks like I've been letting the garden go this summer as I work on the Europe trip and cleaning out the house and, mostly, have quiet vegetative breakdowns.
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