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How do you do an RSS feed for Blogger blogs?  I have several bookmarked that I'd like to keep up with but it isn't going to happen unless I can add them to my flist.

Also, [profile] james_nicoll presents a link to some Karl Schroeder essays that are interesting, and which point to a site about vertical farming (which, if you explore the site carefully, shows signs of at least originating as or incorporating undergraduate term papers), which is also interesting.  But James complains that the essays will have no effect on science fiction, while I've already seen some of these ideas in science fiction already, especially the rewilding part.

I think Schroeder is wrong about using no ecological services at all: but I think he's right that industries can and ought to be closed-loop, that is, having no byproducts and using little or no stuff taken from the environment.  Though if the industries are making stuff that people use, of course, the loop either has to have a couple of open strands or it has to be a very large loop which encompasses at least part of the environment.  I mean because you can't make something out of nothing.  Though you can make something out of waste products, leftovers, and dead people.  The environment does that, already.

Also Schroeder says infinite growth! like that would be a good thing if we could only detach the growth from the environment, hermetically seal our cooties away -- but I prefer the word "indefinite" because we actually probably don't have infinity to work with.  And once you've introduced the possibility of reducing our footprint to near-zero (I don't believe in zero), I'm thoroughly agnostic about population growth.

On another front, for about twenty-four hours I had lost 22 pounds total, but I'm back to 18.  Bounce, bounce, bounce.

On still another front, I bleached the primary fermentation containers, which had gotten nasty since I last used them,  I'm making a shopping list and then tomorrow I'll start the process for a small batch.  I will also dry plums and maybe make some plum butter.  Why are you looking at me like that? I'm on Day 11 of the intro, and I will be able to have some carbohydrate things now and then after Saturday.  And the plums and apples are happening now.  The apples are early: this tree has traditionally been an October tree, not an August tree.  But everything was early this year.

Oh, and 2nd draft -- I'm already past the tightly choreographed scene.  I'm finding all the Chekovian mantelpiece guns I left lying around and making sure something happens to them,.  I'm finding places where there's something weird about details or word usage and twisting them to my comedic purpose.  I hope.  I'll be back to the final chapter before the end of the week and then I hope I will be able to write it correctly.  If not -- I'll write it as best I can and then get critique of it and hopefully that will show me the way to go.

And one more thing -- Emma, if you want any of those bean sprouts I bought, you better eat them tonight, because it turns out that they're very useful for the kinds of meals I have been eating.  So there's only a small amount left.

Also, also: the subject line? [personal profile] matociqualahas infected me.  The line itself is from "Little Henry Lee."  Which Harry Smith fanatics will have heard on the Anthology of American Folk Music.
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