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We went to Lighthouse Field.  I've been doing this thing where I go out to the beach in the morning on Saturday and on the way back we take a half hour to go round the field and I take pictures at six preset locations, long, medium, close, and macro shots, to document how certain plants and their communities pass the year.  I've been doing it for about a month.  I started to do it a while back but the car died and it was not practical to keep doing it.  I don't expect to get every week, but I figure if I set up a weekly schedule that's easy to keep I will end up with forty or forty-five sets of photos.  But I missed the week before last because I was sick and the car wouldn't start: and this week I missed too, so I decided that since I have today off we could very well go to the field and take out pictures.

There was a problem.  The field was stinky today.  Like a feedlot, only a lot milder.  And Truffle -- that dog, she sure loves herself a big old stinky roll in something unspeakable when she gets the chance.  So she ended up, despite my best efforts (which are feeble, I tell you, feeble), smellng a lot like a feedlot, and not as much milder as the field, since she is only a dog and that stuff was concentrated on her.  It was difficult to drive home.  I had to keep the windows open and while we have nothing like snowcopalypse weather here, it's not a summer evening either.

I brought her home and immediately bathed her (I also bathed the cat, which he took as a vicious betrayal and a dangerous move).  Thoroughly, I thought, too, since she started smelling like shampoo instead of a feedlot.  But now she's just about dry and -- she smells like a feedlot again.  Milder, but still enough that I don't want her too close to me.

Going out to Carneros Creek to do water monitoring at seven or so in the morning.  It's a four-hour jaunt all told, longer on a lab day, which this wont' be.

And I have written!  A lot!  But on several of my ongoing less serious stories, not on one big thing.  So I don't have a lot to show for it.
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