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However, I have a plan for redoing this last chapter, which actually probably requires another vignette or even two, because this chapter's going to turn into one of the long type and I've been insisting on a vignette between every two full chapters.

It involves a fairly major change and I'm going to have to do a bunch of continuity checks because of it. Basically, Pablo does a stint as a soldier at the time of his life I originally had him as an intern. I forget whether I have already outlined the reasons for this, but basically, Frank pointed out that what Pablo's doing with all those corpses is inventorying them, and that in actual cases like this you have soldiers do it because the people who murdered all those dead people are likely to attack people gathering information about the massacres. So it all made sense. And I already know that at this time of his life Pablo tried to drop out of school and go to work for the Sisters but they wouldn't let him. So now, they're telling him to go join the Guardian Corps, which is a corps of the Peacekeepers, which is a supposedly neutral force bankrolled and organized by the countries least devastated by the regional war and part of the apparatus that builds the Metaregion which replaces the warring states. Not, of course, neutral, because the Peacekeepers are of course protecting and advancing the interests of those "neutral" countries (one of which is the one where Pablo grew up, which is not actively hit by war destruction until this chapter). But the Guardian Corps is a specialized corps of the Peacekeepers specifically detailed to defend humanitarian installations -- hospitals, orphanages, displaced persons camps, transports for these, etc.

I think Pablo spends a couple of years doing this and then goes back to school to get qualified as a social services bureaucrat.

It occurs to me that the cliched thing to write with all this is "Pablo is forced into killing a man and is haunted by it for, like, evar" but you know what? I think I'll just skip that step.

On another front, my teeth are dandy, my dentist is a peach, and he says we'll be growing new teeth for people within ten years. He's on top of this stuff. I never put it together, but he went to UCSF dental(Frank's dream school for medicine), which means he was always hot stuff. It also accounts for why he's passionate about cutting-edge dentistry, openly scornful of people who go into medicine to get rich, and just generally cool.

He's also, of course, a tree-hugging Mexican surfer boy, because, get real, this is Santa Cruz and we have to have our share of all that.

If you live in Santa Cruz, and you need a dentist, tell Henry Ramirez I sent you. He really is that good, and he attaches all this equipment to his head so that he looks like a borg when he works on you.

Still another front: it doesn't help to have your special black book that you take everywhere and write everything down in -- and read most days so you know what you're supposed to do -- if you write the stuff down on the wrong day. Fortunately, this time I wrote the doctor visit down a week early instead of a week late, but I've missed three rescheduled mammogram visits this year.

Date: 2006-05-25 10:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mjlayman.livejournal.com
I just haven't scheduled the mammomgram, and I should, because although it hurts, it's not a big deal. It's the sigmoidoscopy I really don't want to have.

New teeth in only 10 years? Wow. Did he say if they would grow them in the gum, or implant them?

Date: 2006-05-26 01:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ritaxis.livejournal.com
Is a sigmoidoscopy the same as a colonoscopy? The colonoscopy was fun, though the phosphate laxatives were not, and neither was the nearly four days of intestinal shutdowm afterwards.

He didn't say. But the Science News article I was reading a while back was discussing teeth grown in vitro, so that's what I'm imagining. My head vacillates between a whole tooth with vessels and nerves to be attached, and just a shell of a tooth -- rather like the magnificent new little crowns Dr. Ramirez makes in the office now, of a material he says is chemically and mechanically identical to enamel, laser measured in my mouth, 3d modeled on a dedicated computer and carved right then and there on a wild little double lathe in the next room, whole process less than half an hour.

I love living in the future. I just wish I could live in more of it.

Date: 2006-05-26 07:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mjlayman.livejournal.com
Sigmoidoscopy is the baby brother of colonoscopy. Kaiser saves money (and this is documented to be safe) by having you take an occult stool test and if it's negative, you get sigmoidoscopy. You don't have to have anesthesia for it, so you get to drive yourself home, too. But again, it's not the procedure, it's the laxatives & enema. I had a lower GI session a few years ago and used laxatives for the first time and I never want to use them again! On the one hand, I know this is a test I should have. On the other hand, I felt like I almost died with the laxatives, and this adds an enema. On the gripping hand, I really should decide one way or the other soon, and accept the consequences.

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