Sep. 8th, 2008

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Frank's coming home tonight.

The extra dog is going home Wednesday. I'm going to miss her. But the last three or four nights it's been really annoying having an extra dog. There's a raccoon who wants to get into the house at night, presumably to eat dog food. The dogs are incensed about this and make their feelings known every half hour after ten o'clock or so. My poor neighbors. Sometimes I can hear them yelling at the dogs to shut up. I really, really try to keep them quiet. I'm not getting any sleep. I have found that if I barricade the dogs in my bedroom -- which has no door, so I have to pile boxes in front of the stairwell, I'm sure Jason the fire marshall in training would have words with me about that --they bark less. But I've also found that I can't barricade the stairwell effectively enough to keep them in the bedroom all night. So last night I put Truffle -- the worst offender -- on a leash and held it most of the night, meaning I slept, but badly.

The night before last the dogs actually tangled with the raccoon. So did I. I went out to bring the dogs in and they actually seemed somewhat willing, but distracted by fighting the raccoon. Literally fighting. The raccoon was confident as raccoons are and was still working its way towards the house and actually tried to squeeze past me, the mad thing, but after it brushed against my leg (a very creeoy feeling: those little gangsters carry diseases! And they bite!) and I yelled at it, it came to its senses and ran off. Not very far. The dogs came in, but they were hyperaware of the raccooon's presence all night long and I am still exhausted from it.

This is the worst year I've had for raccoons disturbing my sleep, and I don't think they've even started their big fall drunken parties in the apple tree yet.

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