Oct. 31st, 2008

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I gave notice for December 19, at which point my coworkers will be done with the semester and they can close the center each day. My boss said some mean things to me, but she doesn't deal with stress all that well and her life has been nothing but stress for a long time. She accused me of being rude because I filled out the paper truthfully. In retrospect I could have made it a bit gentler but I was derailed because the questions were weird. She did tell me that the coworker who has been unaccountably bossy and peremptory for the last couple of weeks -- which behavior I have in fact complained about and was given a shrug and "I'll look into it, I can't imagine why she's doing that" response -- has been secretly the assistant director for about that length of time.

Secretly! Why? "I haven't had time to have staff meetings with everybody."

She passes through every room a million times a day. Why not just tell us in passing? "I've got great news, I've got an assistant director. If you have questions, ask XXXX." Why the hell not?

It doesn't matter any more. I'm thrilled. I've got an ending in sight. It's raining, very lightly, which makes me happy.

The dog's Addison's disease is stabilized enough that I'm to take her off the prednisone and continue with just the flourinef (cortisone preparation)and now we're going to address the pounds she put on while on the prednisone. She's on a diet. It's sort of similar to mine. I have to replace half her kibble with cooked vegetables. (Today I microwave-roasted a delicata squash -- don't look like that, all the squashes are the same price at my store -- and we're waiting for it to cool off).

And! I might not wait for summer to go to Prague . . . I might go for Christmas.

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