Nov. 3rd, 2008

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It took several tries and a fair amount of money all around, but Frank got his vote counted.

And me? I have relit the pilot light on my water heater. This is no as easy as it sounds. The watwer heater is in a box hanging six feet off the ground. Because of the configuration of the deck and deck steps railings, I can't get the ladder right up to it. So to light the pilot light I have to swing over the steps railing and hook one foot around the baluster and wedge the other foot against the floor of the box and then bend over as if I was about to play leap frog.

Remember that lighting the pilot light also entails holding a knob in place for the count of sixty and then pulling back to arm's length to turn the knob to the "on" position (this is in the instructions), and then adjusting the heat while still holding back at arm's length.

Then I have to swing back over the railing which is for some reason more difficult from that side than the step side, though it looks the same geometrically.

Naturally, it took two tries, but that's less than it sometimes takes.

Still writing silly things. More gay romantic comedies with scientists in them. I don't know why. Or why this one, which depends on the people also being wealthy, occurred to me at all. I know what the inspirations were, but you know, I never like to write about rich people.

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