Jan. 8th, 2014

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Lately I stay in bed for a while after I wake up. I can do my morning surf in bed now because of my cute little obsolete barbie-pink laptop, and I can also write there for the same reason. This allows me to keep from dangling my legs from the chair for that time (which is lousy for all the sixteen jillion billion things that are wrong with them) but it also means that I don't get moving until my bladder or the telephone force me out. Or the dog needs something, but she's happily adapted to sleeping in as long as I'm available to warm the bed for her. Yes, I sleep with my dog. 1) I haven't slept alone on a regular basis since I was eighteen, so it would be a sacrifice to not have her in the bed 2)anyway when she was a puppy it was the best way to keep her out of trouble at night so we were already in that habit 3) mutual warmth.

Anyway when I finally did get up this morning I thankfully hadn't flushed when I noticed the lack of water because I usually save flushing the toilet till after my bath when I refill the flushing buckets (I do not require everyone else to flush the toilet with buckets but I prefer to). So I noticed when I tried to run a bath. Because of my history my first thought was that the water bill had somehow not been paid but when I called the water department they said there was an emergency shutdown and it should be back online in an hour or so. The customer service guy did not know the ultimate cause of the shutdown. The thing about an emergency shutdown is that since it is an emergency shutdown there is no guarantee that your buckets and pitchers will be filled. Moral of the story: keep the buckets and pitchers filled at every moment.

Coincidentally my morning surf had mostly been about how to stop my toilet from running besides buying a new apparatus (I think I have to buy a new apparatus) and also how to weatherstrip my windows. But I think I'm not going to go out and buy the stuff I need for those jobs today because I have A Brand-New Mysterious Leg Pain and I'm going to rest the ridiculous thing until I see the doctor tomorrow. This time there's also a newish not-mysterious leg pain, as I tweaked either the IT band or the hamstring doing somewhat more difficult dances Friday night (but I had fun!). And then last night my stupid ankle swelled up quite suddenly and also quite suddenly started producing the kind of pain you can't ignore or walk through. So, against my uncharacteristic desire to be up and doing today, I am resting. If I'm feeling up to it later, I'll do a bit of hardware store shopping when I go out to take the dog to the vet.

What has happened is that I have gotten some of the money from the sale of my stepmother's house, and I am judiciously spending about half of what I have gotten on necessary repairs to the house, the car, the dog, and myself. I also paid the flood insurance and the property taxes, two expenses I have trouble with (but they don't let you break down into smaller payments or pay years in advance either). I am saving the rest for future insurance and taxes and for travel expenses.

There has been no rain at all this rainy season. There was one paltry storm at the opening of the season and nothing since. There could still be some rain, especially since the season appears to have been moving later and later over the last few years, but I think we are looking at a real drought this year, and not just those near-drought "dry years" we've been experiencing lately.

So, since I have a bit of money now (and never will again), I wonder if I should get a second-hand modern water-sparing washing machine?

edit: other money I have spent and will be spending: refurbishing my banjo, buying an actual new autoharp, refurbishing my bicycle. I will probably replace some of these windows, but that has to happen in the summer. Also getting the damned house painted, and the bathtub fixed (leaks, and also needs a hand-held shower because you can't put a stationary shower there because of the window)
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Something got me in the mood so I first searched for my old house in Philadelphia (lived there for three years starting fifty years ago), which I am not sure I found because Google Maps is not sure either. It showed mwe a house that looks right but hemmed and hawed about the address, finally deciding that it was this other address altogether. So I took the street view tour of the neighborhood, and I'm almost certain of it, but there's all these pretty things that weren't there when I lived there, so I am not sure.

Then came the hilarity.I decided I would take a look-see at my old elementary school, Powellton School. I didn't see it on the map where it should have been, so I asked Google Maps to search it for me. Apparently it has been decommissioned, but Google Maps did not tell me that. Nope. It told me I was a stupidhead and I didn't know what I wanted, so here, have a random school in a different neighborhood instead.

Whatever happened to "we can't find that on our map?"

Also, "Your search engine is snotty and overconfident" is not one of the categories of "report a problem" available. I ended up choosing "report a problem with the map" even though the problem was not with the map, and filling the box with a closer description of the actual problem.

Ah . . . regular Google corrects me. My school was not Powelton, that was the neighborhood. The school exists: it is called Samuel Powel, and it is now a primary school (I went there for sixth grade). Also, the school claims that it is "in the heart of University City," but in my day University City was many blocks away. But I knew that the University was gobbling up as much of west Philadelphia as it could.

It looks a lot the same, though it seems to have acquired some nifty mosaic murals.

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