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I have got so many copies of Afterwar floating around -- I can't keep track. I've never had it this bad, and it's happening in spite of the fact that I keep killing extra files.

Since the book is undergoing constant rigorous reworking -- never has anything in my life been so hard to write, except maybe things I gave up on, which is probably why I don't give up even though it means my output is low because of it -- there are new scenelets lying around the landscape and I can't always find them which means I have to write them over again.

What did Dylan say about the price to keep from having to go through all this twice?

How about six times?

On another front, I'm making potato and wild mushroom piroshkis tonight. I already made a Shaker Lime Pie and a borscht of yellow vegetables (yellow beets, parsnips, rutabaga, carrots). This is for a shadowrun game! Do I rock? I have decided that you can take the Shaker Lemon Pie and do it with any citrus at all. I may do it with grapefruit next time, though there are modifications I would make. Mainly, I'd prepare the grapefruit as for marmalade. I'd remove the outer layer of skin -- not zest it, but cut it with a tiny amount of white on it -- and take most of the white off the fruit too. This is because the white on grapefruits is so thick that I think it would dominate the pie unpleasantly. And because grapefruit are so big I'd use 1/8 slices instead of whole slices.

I don't play shadowrun, I don't do games at all, just puzzles. And yes, cooking is an opiate for me.

Okay, back to work. It was only a couple of paragraphs, anyway. But they're important paragraphs, because they make the good bureaucrat more active in trying to protect the man without a country, and make it all the more shocking when the man without a country runs off with the people smugglers.

One last thing: Gogol Bordello rocks.

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