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I have Automated Updates turned off on my xp pro Svce Pack 3 desktop. However, this does not stop Microsoft from hanging my computer up on startup: it assaults my computer with a popup that nags me about Automatic Updates being turned off and won't I please! click the balloon to resolve the issue -- which evokes a panel  demanding that I upgrade to Windows 8. Which I don't want to do because Windows 8 does what I don't need and doesn't do what I do need. When I get a new computer that is willing to take on higher than xp, it will be Windows 7 or maybe 9 depending on how long I wait to do it and whether 9 follows the established trend of odd-number versions being usable while even-number ones are not. I don't know how long that will be. Forces pushing me in the direction of a new computer are that it is becoming increasingly unviable for me to work on a computer sitting at a desk; I'm constantly working on paring down my energy footprint; and if I had a really good laptop capable of graphics and gaming I wouldn't need two computers in order to work away from home or in other parts of the house. Forces pulling me away from it are: almost all of the programs I use for work and entertainment are about ten years old; and navigating the specs in order to buy a new computer is a tedious job I keep putting off. I got a step closer to it today when my barbie-pink ancient laptop started sparking at the AC cord because it is that frayed. I was concerned about the cord, and I have been keeping a watch on it, but apparently the leap from "I don't look so good" to "I am shorting and sparking" is a matter of a few hours only. The cord is fixable or replaceable but on the other hand, a new laptop is also attractive.

In the meantime, how do I stop the autmatic nag popup complaining about me not having automatic updates turned on? As I said earlier, turning automatic updates back on ony results in even more florid nagging. The popup is not a trivial thing. It causes my computer to hang when it is loading -- adding maybe five or ten minutes to the process normally, which is what? a few hundred percent longer. This morning was worse -- I don't know if it is a portent -- but it caused the computer to fail to finish booting altogether. It got to the phase when the popup arises, and then no farther, so that I was not able to dismiss the popup or start any other program. How do I make it stop? I tried contacting Microsoft but they don't recognize me as a person who has an account though I've done business with them before (I have no idea why, but when I tried for a single-use key I had to give them the number associated with the account, which is a landline and doesn't take texts so I was still screwed).

Don't tell me "Switch to Mac" or "Switch to Linux" because I have programs that don't function in those environments and people who run them in emulators complain all the time.

If you don't have a suggestion for taming the popup, do you have a suggestion for a gaming laptop that runs Windows 7? Preferably a couple-few years old: the graphics card should be high-end but not too new so that it is compatible with what I do.

On another front, sometimes a market announcement will suggest a solution for an old writing problem (as in, maybe that novel that never quite worked would work as a novella?).

edit: after looking at the work in question, I'm thinking: total rewrite. Oh my dear it is made of infodump.
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