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I took 3 books out of the library. Changing Planes by Ursula LeGuin: The Sugar Festival by Paul Park: and Probability Moon by Nancy Kress.The second was gruesome (on purpose) and unreadable by me. The third I did not finish because the people annoyed me so much. The first was more or less a meringue: frothy and sweet.

That's all you get. Still using the disability keyboard and it's excruciating. So is voice recognition. And my spare keyboard died the death--it might be 20 years old.
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drowned my keyboard. computer fellow ordering one but in the meantime using onscreen accessibility keyboard which is slow and annoying. 
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Successful mission: go out on my own, find bankomat, get money, buy maple syrup for Frank and Hana at the DM Drogerie. A drogerie is a store that sells shampoo, body oil, shower gel, suntan lotion, very small packages of tampons, deodorant, inexpensive and hygeinic cosmetics, baby food, and a wall of "natural foods." Drugs are bought at the Lekarna, which was closed. I wanted to get glucosamine because my fingernails started crumbling again, and a non-drolwsy antihistamine because I lost my bet with the universe so I'm allergic to the guinea pigs. Oh well, I thought it migfht happen, because my rat allergy extended to mice already. It's not nearly as bad with the guinea pigs as the rats. If it had been pet rats I would have walked in the door and been hit by a wave of toxicity. With the pigs oit tookm a half-hour of cuddling before the reaction set in.

Also had my first two typical linguistic interactions. Did I mention that even though I drag my dictionary and declension book with me everywhere I basically have given up on actually learfning Czech? I just get along and it's all fine.

First liguistic interaction type was in the Drogerie. I explaimned that I don't speak Czech, I speak English, and the young woman switches right over with a solicitous air. Czechs know they have a difficult language and they are often very gentle with foreigners.

The other typical interaction was on my way back. I was taking pictures of a plant that I think is related to gooseberries and currants or maybe to heather. It has those pitcher shaped little flowers and the berries are a plausible shape. A Czech woman of about my age came up and told me a lo about the plant, happily acknowledging and then ignoring my apology for not speaking Czech. She used the word for currants, rybiz, but she alspo stepped on two berries while saying something pointed, so I think she was telling me that they l.ook like currants but they aren;t edible. Finally she asked me if I was Russian.

As I say, this is two of the more typlical linguistic interactions I get in Prague. I am not complaining. Nobody has ever endangered or even inconvenced me by refusing to believe I don't understand them, and I think it's hilarious that so many people here think I am Russian (or Portuguese).

I am having lethal connectivity issues that we don't understand. I think it's a compatibility issue, but I can't be more specific. What happens is that most of the time my computer is unable to use the wireless network here, and for several hours today it couldn't even see it. We tried hooking the computer up to the modem with a wire, but apparently the computer doesn't have the capability of using a wired connection? For anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of hours, though, I can get online just fine. I usually forget what task I set out to do with that when it happens, though.

It doesn't matter too much, though. I can use Frank's computer when I need to send things in.

I finished reading the galleys for Outside suspiciously quickly and now I am sure I did it wrong. I only found one typographical error and one continuity error that was totally my fault and easy to fix. But I'm just going to give it a cross-eyed glance again on Tuesday and send it back and hope for the best.

And I'm also making slow but steady progress on the all-new Conduit (written from scratch with a different presentation and predicted to be novella length).

I did take some pictures today but I'll probably upload them the day after tomorrow. I'm going to Strakonice for the day tomorrow to listen to bagpipes. I will keep trying to get Hana to go with me but I think she is not as enamored of bagpipes as I am. Frank is flying to the UK to get registered for work at temporary doctor agencies, and to pick up a car they have bought there. Things are starting to move fast on that front after sitting still for way too long.
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Unfortunatrely when I decided to make a recovery disk for this new computer I didn't understand that the process would take over the whole disk and wipe out everything else on it. In retrospect this is inordinately stupid of me. Fortunately I had made an image backup of the disk I destroyed only a couple of months ago, on to a different disk. Unfortunately, I don't know how to use it. All I see when I explore the disk woith the image backup is a raft of xtml files. Attempting to look at them brings up internet explorer and various demands for updates and making it default (I use chrome on this computer). I have not succeeded in going far enough to see what's in all those xtml files.(in most cases these are double backups but not all: naturally, the disk I destroyed was my primary backup disk, and we'll remember that my operating computer turned into a brick with no warning a few weeks after I had made the image backup: my writing is all backed up in the ether, but only a few of my personal photographs are)

Fortunately I am connected to the entire world of people who know things about computers and probably don't make the kind of stupid mistakes I make anymore. So I am asking: what do I do with these xtml files?

Does it compilcate things that the image was saved in an xp environment and I am now working in a windows 7 environment?
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It was only about five hundred words but they were difficult words and took me several days to write (normally if I actually work I get twice or four times that in a day). I'm not sure what happened. Suddenly a couple pages of my work were highlighted and the program froze. An hour later the program was still frozen and I thought I was better off losing that bit than never being able to work on the file again (and I am behind deadline), so I forced it to close.

Obviously it was a slip of my hand that highlighted the text and froze the program, but I have no idea what hotkeys I inadvertently touched.

Anyway, I have to walk away from this mess: I have other needs, and I will be able to reconstruct what I wrote, or write something else that fills the requirements, after I have taken care of the other things.

And I have been sitting in one place too long anyhow.
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This is the fourth computer I have worked on in the last week or so (my original laptop and desktop, and a borrowed laptop that was a nightmare to use and had Windows 8), but it is the final. I am thrilled with it. The keyboard fits my hands, the touchpad was easy to disable, and the screen is crisp and lovely. Busily downloading and installing the software I need for all my work and hobbies, and later I'll be busy figuring out how I want to manage the external hard drives where most of my files have their local residence. Also, the font on the keys is hilarious, sort of science-fictiony and glows kind of blue. I didn't ask for the glowy stuff and would have ticked "no" if I had had a choice but it's actually rather nice.

I was of two minds whether to install firefox or chrome as the default browser -- don't have any real complaint with either -- but I was decided by the fact that I couldn't get firefoix to acknowledge that I had ever used it before, so all my bookmarks, of which there are many, are lost unless I can get them out of the desktop (since it's unresponsive at the moment I don't know if it is fried or just has lost its will to live). But chrome happily loads with all the bookmarks that were existent on there -- meaning I've lost some webcomics and sims pages and youtube videos from my bookmarks, but nothing really irreplaceable. And only some, because as of a few months ago the barbie pink laptop and the desktop were synched. So for now, although both chrome and firefox are installed, chrome is the one I'll be using.

So I foirget whether I mentioned that I have been writing a story about a fellow who is being courted by an Art Deco nightstand? Well, I am. and I think it is a novella. Or a short novel, anyway.

Sadly, I seem to be much better at writing weird little novellas that don't really matter than the big idea novels I long to write. There's some kind of horrible aphorism in there somewhere and I hate it.

edit: the fancy-dancy reads-everything dvd-cd-bluray rw drive will not read the sims 2 cds. This is apparently a known problem, to the extent that there is a youtube video on getting your drive to read things. It involves editing registry keys. I do not have permission to do this in Windows 7, and following the instructions for giving myself permission don't seem to work. Oh well. This looks like it will involve phone calls.

the fancy-dancy player is just excessively finicky about dust, apparently.
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The borrowed laptop I am using until my new machine comes is an Asus windows 8 thing with a touchpad the size of Texas. The touchpad is also more sensitive than you can possibkly imagine. Having my thumbs a quarter inch over the touchpad results in constant extreme inadvertant zoom shifts. This means I am constantly resetting the zoom, and if I am working in Drive, this also inviolves a good chance of having to exit the file and re-enter as zoom shifts frequently cause the cursor to become unlinked,. I mean that the letter you type appears several spaces to the left or right of where you expect it.

So I've taken the wireless mouse from my old system and plugged it in to the Asus. Should solve the problem, yes? No. Now both the mouse and the touchpad are live. I cannot disable the touchpad. The option simply does not exist. There is an option to configure it but it leads to a menu with no options. I could uninstall it but it's not my computer so that's too extreme a step to take. I don't know whether I don't have administrator tools or what because that information is not available in any place that I know to look for it. I have not been able to come up with any keywords to use in the help search box that don't return results having to do with touch screens. Directions online all refer to optons that do no appear on this computer,.

I don't want to spend too much time on this because I'll only have to redo it all with the new computer. So what ends up happening is I keep going off and searching out entertainment instead of working because working is too frustrating with this setup.
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Apparently the desktop is now a brick too. There was a power outage this morning -- but 1) the computer was not turned on at the time and 2) it was plugged into an uninterrupted power supply device that's supposed to protect it from surges and 3) the other thungs plugged into it arren't harmed so I think that's a coincidence.

anyway my new computer's coming Monday. Between the two dead ones I think I'll only have lost a wee bit since the working files are on external drives and also backed up.

On another front, Emma got a substitute zookeeper job and she's so happy she could cry.

And on yet another front, Truffle met a middle-aged yellow labrador named Henry who is cute and pudgy and thinks she is the bee's knees. He wanted to play and play and play with her. His person says he rarely puts anything like that much effort into playing. She likes him well enough, though not as much as "her" puppy.

And, reading: I finished The Song of Achilles and now I have Michael Chabon's Summerland and also Eleanor Arnason's A Woman of the Iron People. I chose these more or less at random at the library.
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What is the actual difference between a drone and a remote-control device?

At the dog park I saw a couple with a flying object a bit over a foot in every dimension, which had four rotors (horizontal blades) and a payload that looked like a video camera. They were controlling it with a rig that one of them was wearing which looked like it had a video camera on it also. I didn't know what to call the thing and this raised this question.

I didn't go talk to them because I had the dog with me (dog park, right?) and it seemed like more than I could handle to get their attention and talk to them.

Meanwhile, barbie pink laptop just got turned into a brick by a short in its cord and I'm borrowing this slow Windows 8 machine while I'm shopping for the laptop of my dreams. My prejudices have been confirmed. I want a windows 7 machine, with CPU of 2.7 GHz or more, a small, textured touchpad, a smallish laptop-style keyboard without all the redundancies, a gamer's dedicated graphics card (I have lists of what will work for my needs), and not a wide screen. Also its fan shouldn't be loud and weird and get louder and weirder when I press the shift and tab keys. Seriously, that sounds frightening. Also what is this function called that keeps zooming in and out on the screen when you're trying to line up the cursor you can do things? I want to turn it off and maybe not even have it on my new laptop. I think I know how it's supposed to work but I can only get it to work properly on purpose a quarter of the time so I keep having to simply accept giant text and having to scroll to see it. Like, just now I seem to have temporarily fixed the zoom by accident after having tried to do ikt on purpose for several minutes.

Tomorrow K and I both go to work at the polls. He's an inspector at the University and I'm electronics voting specialist at my neighborhood voting center (which generally has either two or three precincts at it).  So today I intend to cook us food to take with, and also go to bed early.
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I have Automated Updates turned off on my xp pro Svce Pack 3 desktop. However, this does not stop Microsoft from hanging my computer up on startup: it assaults my computer with a popup that nags me about Automatic Updates being turned off and won't I please! click the balloon to resolve the issue -- which evokes a panel  demanding that I upgrade to Windows 8. Which I don't want to do because Windows 8 does what I don't need and doesn't do what I do need. When I get a new computer that is willing to take on higher than xp, it will be Windows 7 or maybe 9 depending on how long I wait to do it and whether 9 follows the established trend of odd-number versions being usable while even-number ones are not. I don't know how long that will be. Forces pushing me in the direction of a new computer are that it is becoming increasingly unviable for me to work on a computer sitting at a desk; I'm constantly working on paring down my energy footprint; and if I had a really good laptop capable of graphics and gaming I wouldn't need two computers in order to work away from home or in other parts of the house. Forces pulling me away from it are: almost all of the programs I use for work and entertainment are about ten years old; and navigating the specs in order to buy a new computer is a tedious job I keep putting off. I got a step closer to it today when my barbie-pink ancient laptop started sparking at the AC cord because it is that frayed. I was concerned about the cord, and I have been keeping a watch on it, but apparently the leap from "I don't look so good" to "I am shorting and sparking" is a matter of a few hours only. The cord is fixable or replaceable but on the other hand, a new laptop is also attractive.

In the meantime, how do I stop the autmatic nag popup complaining about me not having automatic updates turned on? As I said earlier, turning automatic updates back on ony results in even more florid nagging. The popup is not a trivial thing. It causes my computer to hang when it is loading -- adding maybe five or ten minutes to the process normally, which is what? a few hundred percent longer. This morning was worse -- I don't know if it is a portent -- but it caused the computer to fail to finish booting altogether. It got to the phase when the popup arises, and then no farther, so that I was not able to dismiss the popup or start any other program. How do I make it stop? I tried contacting Microsoft but they don't recognize me as a person who has an account though I've done business with them before (I have no idea why, but when I tried for a single-use key I had to give them the number associated with the account, which is a landline and doesn't take texts so I was still screwed).

Don't tell me "Switch to Mac" or "Switch to Linux" because I have programs that don't function in those environments and people who run them in emulators complain all the time.

If you don't have a suggestion for taming the popup, do you have a suggestion for a gaming laptop that runs Windows 7? Preferably a couple-few years old: the graphics card should be high-end but not too new so that it is compatible with what I do.

On another front, sometimes a market announcement will suggest a solution for an old writing problem (as in, maybe that novel that never quite worked would work as a novella?).

edit: after looking at the work in question, I'm thinking: total rewrite. Oh my dear it is made of infodump.
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My computer resurrected itself somehow. I just poked the on button in passing because I needed something from the desk anyway and it turned on.

I'd been writing along on the laptop since not-poland is saved to Dropbox anyway, but the laptop is a pain in the ass. The keyboard's really worn out and the battery doesn't work, and the poor thing is afflicted with Vista so it has bad habits.

I'm thinking when I go to Prague I want something to take with me. Depending on finances and whether it's still available, I'll probably just give in and accept Emma's hand-me-down laptop even though it is a Mac. But Frank is happy with his Nexus 7 and I was thinking that since there's a new one coming out in July the price for used Nexus 7s might come down a lot in June, and you can get a case for it that has a reasonable keyboard built into it, and that and a couple other inexpensive accessories look like it becomes a decent thing to travel with . . .

I don't know.

On another front, I snagged a bunch of my friend's really old seeds and planted them today. I've had decent luck with old seeds, we'll see.

And on another front . . . I found a message on my machine which I do not know how old it is, about an interview for a teacher position with UCSC childcare. I called back and left a message, front-loading the information about being out of the country for half the summer. I applied for that job at least six months ago . . .
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Every once in a blue moon whatever word processing program I'm on gets angsty and starts telling me that it "didn't exit normally the last time it closed," i.e., it crashed -- when it didn't, actually, and in fact it not only hasn't crashed recently, it hasn't closed since the last time I saved it, and I have saved it only sentences ago: and when it does that, I ought to remember that what has actually happened is that the program has gione on a bender and it now thinks that the last several hundred words of already saved writing is new and unsaved material that is is free to jettison as soon as I tell it to shut up and get back to work. I guess what I need to do is not to either tell it to stop bugging me about Document 4, or to tell it to save Document 4 with a new name, but to quick like a bunny copy everything I have on my screen and save it to a new file. Or something.

Ah well, I didn't like the ending to the hundred years after story anyway. So I guess it's all right.

edit: I didn't lose anything this time, after all: I was looking at the unecessary backup file: the main file was completely intact.

Now I have to move the edits I made in the unnecessary backup file into the main file where they belong.
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As usual I was a tad behind on updating the various firewalls and things, and I got a blackmail virus. You know the kind -- it freezes up your computer and says that if you pay them money they will fix the computer for you. It's specifically the "system check" virus. It's less virulent than some, apparently, in that it doesn't chomp holes in the operating system or the various files around the hard drive, but it's more virulent than others, because it effectively prevents me going into safe mode to run various utilities to clean it out. I read up on how to clean it out, and it's a method with many steps and many auxiliary utilities to download and run, apparently because it puts itself into the registry in some especially irritating ways. So I'm enlisting outside help. My friend is coming over today but I expect the computer to be out of commission for several more days.

I have my self-evaluation due for work, which I can do on the work computer, but I won;'t be working on the Drummer Boy on the work computer because it's just coming up to some stuff that's really not appropriate for a child care center. I can check my mail, but those of you who have journals marked out as not safe for minors may not hear from me for a bit, no matter how interesting your posts are.

The tag will say "computer crisis" but it feels more like computer tedium at this point: routine malignity, followed by routine lack of access and routine fixing.

Now I'm late back from my break.

Anyways, talk to you all later.
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I have installed dropbox and I have exported all my work from Googledocs and I unzipped them and put them in the dropbox folder. I think I will keep the google docs as another backup even though there was something wrong with the way it saved (or didn't save) my recent uploads. And I figured out why you can't read my stuff online without downloading it. Google only allows online reading ("previewing") of files that have been converted to the google docs format. That's dumb. I hate converting things back and forth. That's why I'm working in .rtf format instead of .wpd or .doc format. Everybody can read .rtf. Except google.

The dropbox installation went without a hitch but when I tried to follow their instructions for getting things into dropbox I found that the drag-and-drop function is in fact a cut-and-paste operation and not a copy-and-paste one, and that is also unacceptable, so I manually copied and pasted the files, which is fortunately eminently possible despite not being mentioned in the instructions.

Meanwhile, I have re-written 800 words and gotten to about the place I was at maybe 200 words into this bit. But the extra words are worth it, I think, as they remind us that Yanek is, in fact, a drummer boy and there is also a passel of foreshadowing in it.

And yes, the creepy soldier is coming back in this re-write too, since I decided he was really useful prepare Yanek for the veteran drummer of almost the same name who he will meet at the end of the next chapter or the beginning of the one after that depending on how the rhythm of events goes.

But it took me literally all day of constant distraction and eating a whole raft of junk I shouldn't to get it done. I am so much more efficient upstairs and that's even before people walk through the room and want to talk to me. Did I mention the lack of doors in the house? There are exactly two interior doors. One is to the front room where my more-or-less roommate lives, and the other is on the bathroom, and neither of them stays sh8ut very well, at least not if the dog is determined enough. Or even the cat.

At least the new window downstairs gives me a stirring view of the tall dangerous-looking palm trees next door swaying in the wind. There is not much wind today, so they are not as creepy as they could be.

Random note:"palm tree" is what my mother's name means.

My first name means "Light," which seems inappropriate to me, and my last name means "Stony brook," as I keep mentioning.
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It looks like the last few times I uploaded my work to googledocs I deleted the wrong ones, so I'm not out a couple hundred words but more than three thousand.

It's distracting to try to write downstairs after doing it upstairs for a couple of months. I will have to remedy that as soon as I can afford to do what needs to be done.

Oh well.

Back to work.

On another front, I have to make marmalade soon. We are nearly to the too many stage of lemon production.

On yet another front, I woke up in the middle of the night with a mild fever so I ditched all my plans for the rest of the weekend and played with little graphics. I am making a build-a-yurt kit for the Sims 2. It's all pretty clever, but I am not sure I am making the little things as beautiful as they could be. I'm using a combination of photo manipulation and hand drawing, with emphasis on hand drawing because straight up photoskinning looks terrible on Sims things. And yes, this is also a response to the setback on the writing front. However, I am ready to re-write three thousand words and go forward now.

Three thousand words is one very, very intensive day, or two or three normal ones, or six lazy ones. For me, with this book, I mean.

edit: it's really odd. Now I think the problem is in googledocs, because I had carefully set all the chapters to be readable by "anybody with the link," and when I looked closely, all the newer ones had been changed to private. This is alarming: I had thought googledocs was stable. Now what?
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Laptop appears to have well and truly died. It hasn't started in three days. This is bad because: (1)I've been using it to write the not-Poland book while sitting in bed in the morning before daylight and (2)I had hopes of sitting in the yard with it down the line and writing under the apple tree.

On the other hand, all but a handful of notes and maybe 2-3 hundred words are on googledocs. So I have lost negligible work.

On another front, I went to RAFT with a toddler teacher and got things for our classrooms. We collaborate a whole bunch, Kai and I. I got some shiny mylar, some border stickers, some yarn, some upholstery samples, and some water play items, but not the little measuring cups or pitchers or watering cans I want for out gardening project. And then we went to Ranch 99 and I got vegetables and mutant coconut sport (macapuno). Now I am home and I am sleeeepy.
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So this morning as I was doing my word count the computer froze. It was not the first time. But this time letting it sit didn't help: I couldn't turn it off: so I just closed the lid and went and did other things for a few hours.

When I came back the computer had not gone into sleep mode. It was hot to the touch, which I had not noticed before. This time I followed janetmk's directions for getting it to shut down -- leaning on the power button for several seconds until it gave in and shut down. Again I went away for a few hours. I came back and tried to turn the computer on. The computer noodled around for a while and then told me it couldn't turn itself on and would I allow it to go back to some mythical system restore point -- which would have been back when it was still Frank's. Not desirable though the computer promised not to change any of my personal data. I said no and it went through a recovery process that felt long but wasn't really. I called up my files.

I only lost a few hundred words. Just the tying-up bits at the end of the chapter. It could have been so much worse. Anyway, the chapter stands at 4100+ words, which together with the other chapter means I'm a bit below 15000 words -- maybe 14 or 14.5 K.

Next task: offsite backup. After that: rewrite the last bit of the chapter and on to chapter 4, in which our little prince is mistaken for a serving boy, which is not nearly as bad as being taken for a prince.

On another front, I got the dog's medicine on time again. And also paid the flood insurance.

edit: googledocs is accomplished and I have tested it and it works okay! I am backed up. Now to sleep or I won't be able to write tomorrow.

I guess i I save it to googedocs each day I can stop worrying about the laptop.
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Guess who, after some really magnificent disasters in the past -- including a five-way backup failure -- had not backed up her work?

I think it's just another damned update freezing the laptop. I always turn off automatic updates on the desktop, but I couldn't figure out how to on the laptop, and trhere's been a slew of insistent updates coming along and stopping everything. But there's also been some freezes where I couldn't be sure what had happened, and the logon has been failing a bunch, to where I have to take the battery out to shut the computer down thoroughly before anything can proceed (yeah, tell me never do that and then tell me what the hell else to do when you get a complete freeze and you can't even bring up the shutdown screen. Now tell me that's what I get for owning a Vista machine It's not my fault. The kindly uncle who bought the laptop wouldn't get an xp one because it was obsolete, though still being provided at the time: and there's no way I can afford to buy Seven).

So guess how much work is on that machine, hopefully not lost forever? Hopefully when I go back to it later it will be fine, Hopefully, Anyway, here's what:

I'm home today because I'm still sick. I have a voice at all this morning, but it's exhausting to talk still and I sound horrible and there's no way I could be heard across the room. So I took advantage to write nearly 4000 words before I got up. It only took a couple of hours, which is really funny because a lot of it was brand-new material -- by which I mean, not only never written before, bringing chapter three to almost 5000 words. I can't be sure of exact numbers because the freeze took place while I was performing a word count -- anyway, that's more than 1500 words total for the novel.

Seven days of writing, and two months' worth of notes, including somecharacter backgrounds, historical backgrounds, the names of the ethnicities and languages, even the bare bones of the religion which will make me snarl if I have to do that again because it's really really important to these people but not to me -- and it's only important to the stiory because it's important to them. Not to mention a 15,000 word outline.

So. If, as it is likely, the laptop is only misbehaving and not dead, my next task is to set up an offsite storage for the novel. And then maybe figure out what made the computer freeze. "Maybe" because it might not be possible. If it is dead, my nexgt task is to take it to a repair shop with the primary goal of salvaging the material on it and the secondary goal of getting it repaired. If it's impossible or too expensive to repair, I still have the desktop, and I'll be writing downstairs. But that's not ideal. Upstairs is better: all the Sims stuff and frivolous bookmarks are on the downstairs desktop, and also the experience of writing in my bed, looking out my huge back windows on the trees in my yard and the neighborhood beyond, is far more conducive to productivity, as witness that nearly 4000 words in two and a half hours I wrote this morning while too sick to work.

Anyway: accomplished: the other ponies arrive, but he one assigned to Yanek actually "belongs" to the baby for when she's big enough to ride: Yanek is punished for skiving off: Yanek discovers that the books his sister's nurse has been giving him are written by her, and that she's married to the country-house chauffeur, who she says is actually supposed to be his caregiver, not just defacto: and the Duke informs Yanek that he's going back with them to the Palace.

The surprise to me was how much more abusive Yanek's upbringing is than I originally set out to have it, without anything actually changing. I think that in the fleshing out of the events what seemed like more minor things revealed themselves to be kind of shocking. And I think this is because when I was outlining the story I was (1) determined not to write a poor-me Cinderella story and (2) able to accept the adults' version of events.

As it turns out, Yanek is sort of Cinderella. And it also turns out that the people I had put in place to be his protectors are to a surprising degree complicit in his abuse. And yet. There's nothing that happens to Yanek that isn't standard child-rearing practice of the 1900s, except for the relative neglect.
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Speakers are cheap, so I got a pair.  Did not solve the sound problem, but they are little and cute. No sound comes out of them.

On a Windows Xp machine, when you look at the list of sound devices, what should you see?

I see:
Optiarc DVD
Realtek High Definition Audio
Audio Codecs
Legacy Audio Drivers   
Media Control Devices
Legacy Video Capture Devices
Video Codecs

When I look at "properties" for each of these (except the first two) the location is "unknown" and the manufacturer is "standard system devices."  That's bad, isn't it? Doesn't that sound like the computer is not actually finding any of these things? But each thing is supposedly working correctly, according to Windows.

I have tried to get the computer to find the speakers -- the old ones and now the new ones -- and I can't tell if it does.  I tell it to look for new hardware.  Nothing.  I run the troubleshooter and it can't find anything that isn't working correctly. I tried downloading new drivers and the computer says there are no outdated drivers.

Where are the file associations kept?  I can adjust the file associations for the headphones but it doesn't seem to make any difference in what I can hear (which is only the mp3 files of my own singing, and no other sounds: not system sounds, not the CD I was listening to a while back, not Youtube, not The Sims' sounds . . .nothing), either on the headphones or through the speakers.

My old speakers were sputtering every so often, which is why I figured on changing them out anyway.  But the change from basically adequate sound to none at all (with that one exception) was sudden.  Not in the middle of listening to a file, but between listening to one file and trying to listen to the next one.

Any ideas?

I am almost resigned to taking it in to SC ELectronics.

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So I started recording my songs.  That is, songs I sing.  I have a bit less than forty recorded.  However, as of today -- not yesterday, when everything was behaving normally -- I can only hear the songs I recorded, period, no other sound files, and only when I have the headphones plugged in.

Previously, if I unplugged the headphones, the speakers would work normally.  I have checked what I know to check: connections, volume/mute settings.  I know something changed somewhere because when I test the speaker jack a new dialog box comes up I've never seen before.  It's a RealTek settings popup I've never ever ever seen before asking me whether I've plugged in a headphone, a line out, or a rear speaker.  By clicking around in its settings, I was able to tell it to stop muting the speaker when the headphones are plugged in (though I must reiterate that the problem is not when the headphones are plugged in, it's when they are not).  No change to the basic problem.  I don't even know where to begin troubleshooting this.

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