Sep. 20th, 2008

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One of the things Frank brought back with him was knowledge of Krtek (or Krtecek), the little mole: the Czech answer to Mickey Mouse. But oh so different. It Krtek episodes, the little cooing animal has little ambitious ideas he brings about with the cheerful help of other little animals. Along the way he helps them. In Krtek and the rocket, for example, his rocket crashes on a tropical island where he is befriended by an enthusiastic crab who helps summon all the fishes and invertebrates of the ocean to help find the pieces of the rocket and put them back together again. Krtek and the crab also release all the trapped shellfish in the bag of a little boy with a spearfish.

It's really communistic. Cartoon animals of the world unite! We will not be chained by the assumptions of the capitalistic Disney hegemony! No, we will giggle and play together in a beautiful world !

On another front, we pulled 140 pounds of trash out of Soquel Creek at the Highway One overpass for Coastal Cleanup Day today.

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