Sep. 30th, 2008

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I've gathered almost twenty pounds of black walnuts (in the husk). That is, something like two pounds of shelled black walnuts. If I buy a notcracker for $50, I think it pays for itself in two years.

I'll do the English walnuts tomorrow. It's goign to be a long curing time for both.

No Eureka tonight -- what's up with that?

I went to see my friend Glen in Pacific Grove this morning. Afterwards I went out Lover's Point to the end and cried a bit and sang a couple of significant songs. How long is a ground squirrel generation? The squirrels are really happy and fat and glossy and unafraid. How many generations have passed between the first time we ever went there together and now, thirty-seven years later? No otters, but I did see a sea lion in the medium distance. Surf was like a mirror, so I felt I could be at the point and be fine. No waves threatening the top.

Pacific Grove is really beautiful. It's also the place where we became lovers.

I'm really, really, really a mess.

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