Oct. 19th, 2008

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I'm already sick. The usual, I won't bore you with the reiteration of upper respiratory symptoms, but damn. It's not even November. The rainy season hasn't even started (yes, it rained once, but that was about a centimeter and it didn't make it even as far south as Monterey, and it hasn't rained again in two weeks, so you can't say the season ahs begun).

The dog is not at all happy about my failure to deliver on the promise of Fun for Dogs. There was the Volunteer Appreciation Fish aco and Garden Burger Barbecue at the Coastal Watershed Council back deck overlooking the Yachjt Harbor parking lot yesterday and she wasn't fooled: it wasn't a real Fun for Dogs outing even though I gave her treats. Too much sitting around waiting for people to stop talking and get a move on.

But today -- I said I wouldn't bore you with symptoms. Suffice to say I have scrapped all my socially useful, social, and useful palns and I am sitting here in a cold house in my pajamas reading funny Sims stories and attempting to write a little.

I think I will turn up the heat. It's 17: 20's not too hot, is it?

I may also go back to bed soon.

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