Apr. 6th, 2017 01:32 pm
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I'm moving over here. I liked having continuity at livejournal, & unlike many I thought they might be able to stay the course. I was rather cheered, not discouraged, by the DOS attacks in the past--figuring that if someone was after the livejournal people, it was probably because they were on the side of democracy in the weird political scene in Russia.

But clearly, this new user agreement shows that, whatever they were doing in the past, they have either knuckled under or allied with the oligarch-run, reactionary Russian government. There's too many pieces of it that imply danger to vulnerable people. Not the least of which is having toi sign that I will obey laws whose text is not available to me to read (I searched on several of the specific laws cited in the new user agreement-- I could find lists that included them, but no text, particularly no translated text--and of course what I would need is a certified translated text, anyway, so I knew what the law was.

My feeling is, if you won't show me the law you want me to follow, it's probably terrible.

Anyway, here I am.
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This morning, it was June 30th. This afternoon, my friendslist returns me to June 24.
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and livejournal got knocked with a pile of DOS attacks.

Livejournal does a pretty good job of keeping up with this crap, over all, considering how much they get of it.

I'm staying here.
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If you are one of the two or three or four Russians who have lately friended my journal though we appear to have no interests or friends in common, would you mind commenting here or sending me a private message explaining why?

Clearly, the internet is a free country, and there's no harm in friending someone randomly, but it piques my interest and I would loive to know what's up.
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So I use my friends' list as an RSS list.  I read a number of progressive blogs this way -- The Sideshow, Crooks and Liars, Atrios, Digby, calitics -- a few others.  (I dropped DailyKos because I can't keep up with it).  I also have RSS feeds to some science blogs and The Scientific American, and so on.

Increasingly, I notice that there are right-wing political ads sprinkled through out my friends' list.  I finally got around to complaining.  I don't know if they are inserted at the LJ level or by whoever does the RSS feeds but it pisses me off that the content of my reading is dishonestly coupled with its opposite, in frequently misleading or disingenuous ways.

I'd like ti if everyone who sees this happen even once also complains.

We need to call the creeps on every little trick of theirs and not let them get away with anything,.  And no, these aren't just freedom-of-speech ads, they're, as I said, misleading little squibs that don't make their case honestly and by putting them on progressive blogs like they the implication is that whatever weird position is being pushed by the ad is consistent with the argument in the blog.

Speaking of dishonesty and not making a straightforward case, I listened to an aggregate ten minutes of the debate between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman today.  The woman is more devil the more I know about her.  She committed maybe ten lies in her four minutes of the time, and failed to directly address any of the questions.  Whereas Jerry Brown -- who is definitely not a left-winger, okay? -- came off as an honest bureaucrat with honest workaday procedural responses to real problems of governance.    I think I actually respect Brown now: I've had my doubts at various times in the past, though I can't think of a time when he was running for something I could vote for that I didn't vote for him.  So even if it wasn't that horrible, horrible, mean-spirited, dishonest, irresponsible woman he was running against,. I'd vote for him.
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Follow this link top see what personhead wildrose has captured with rodents and pigeons. A rodent.

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